birth, death


Your birthday dawns O Lord
a day of mixed emotions for me
above all of exuberant rejoicing
O Krishna! I’ve unconditionally adored YOU
from the beginning of time with each and
every besotted fiber of my being
You came,
You gave
you took from me, on your birthday
this crazy heart
sings and weeps
Ma adored you, as I adore you
before your very first taste of butter
you stole my beloved Ma from me
happy, sad
sad, happy, this heart of mine
Beats a joyous perplexed symphony
death is a given, it was your love and
kind Benevolence when your wee pudgy
newborn arms gave Ma’s soul eternal sanctuary
my Yashoda heart strains for glimpses of you
my makhan chor heart grieves for my ma
Do know, my crazy heart indelibly dyed
by your love has a brightly lit altar
housing you O my beloved Kanhaji
and your beloved Yashoda ma


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