Beware of the Camel’s Nose!

 Beware of the Camel’s Nose!


Please sir I am very cold, kindly do relent
Permit me to insert nose in your desert tent

Okay, get your nose inside!

Sir kindly allow me to insert one foreleg
It is very cold outside, I do humbly beg

Okay stick one leg inside!

Please sir, do allow inside my other foreleg as well
As one foreleg cold other warm will make me unwell

Go ahead put your other foreleg inside!

Please sir, how about allowing one hind leg inside tent
My hind legs are freezing master kindly do give consent

Alright, pull in one hind leg!

Sir my three legs are cozy inside and only one is outside
Allow me to pull fourth one inside camel piteously cried

Sigh! Okayyy pull your fourth leg in!

Thus gradually with a lot of cajoling entreaty and guile
Camel fully occupied desert tent and Arab lost his smile

Hey! Wait a minute!  There is no room for me!

The camel with wily words placed himself fully inside
Displacing Arab out of warm tent to languish outside

Dayyyyummm!  Ya Homar, ya kalb!


Ya homar = you donkey.

Ya kalb = you dog.
**  **  **

A Guest

A guest is one who comes for short while
Leaving before host loses welcoming smile

A guest is best who takes only an inch
Not stretching inch to mile in a pinch

A guest is best who accepts only a hand
And does not grab whole arm to expand

***  ***  ***

Fish and visitors smell in three days.  ~Benjamin Franklin

Staying with people consists in your not having your own way, and their not having theirs.  ~Maarten Maartens

Visits always give pleasure – if not the arrival, the departure.  ~Portuguese Proverb


(pictures are from internet and storyline based on an arabian fable)


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