Being Close Enough..

Being Close Enough

There is no verse here just a feeling of gratitude
One fact that made us richer than Croesus

Was, with regard to our mother

She had so much heart and love to give that it was
Startling and gratifying to know of it from others who
Remembered and missed her as much as us, her offspring

they say god cannot be everywhere hence he made
a mother, now when I think back it had to be so, her vastness
and purity was an experience I was oblivious of back then~

yesterday when I spoke to my elder sib, she said her
old friends were remembering our mom as well and she was
first person they’d asked after – and we so took her for granted

there is a balance everywhere, we may not see it and feel our share
of burdens to be lopsided and that is because we are unable to truly
appreciate the intrinsic worth of our blessings due to shortsightedness

her disappointed hurt eyes always made my rebellious spirit cringe
her quiet joy is my just being in her orbit made me bask contentedly, knowing
me to be closest to her by nature she was filled with much trepidation for me

have been called unworldly, gullible, stupid, simpleton and what not
these epithets never faze me, I continue being my innate self and regret
not having even have a tenth of her infinite grace and presence of being~

having you as a mom
was being close enough
to what I imagine the divine to be ma~

image of Our Lady of Nettles(Heilbron) Germany is from internet only


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