Being Choosey


Being choosey

On the verge
Juxtaposed between
Finicky and serene
I wish to finally
Etch starry moments
That will twinkle
Even or if mind
Turns foggy

Weaving, stepping
Over time’s bits bytes
I simply bite
Selective morsels
Organically appealing
To inner outer
Being’s eyes

Dip my brush
In their juices
And firmly stroke
Memory’s canvas
Creating warming
Comforter when
Life turns confusing
And light tunnels

It will be my lamp
My only hold
To clarity, happy
Memories etched
Forever in mind’s
Firmament twinkling

This is my insurance
An exercise in self-
As destiny throws
Curved balls
And my catcher’s
Mitt has gone
Missing ~
*Painting is by Van Gogh called Starry Night over the Rhone*


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