awareness ii

I see you
In the air I breathe
In middle of my forehead

In sudden change of wind
In secret dreams
In blatant displays

As parallel reality
As alternate altered life
In thrum of the universe

In the ghats of Banaras
In swaying Vrindavan i.e my heart
In the marrow of bones

In ebb and flow of my veins
In neurons, interstices in my brain
In Aarti’s fragrance during before after

In aroma of cooking
In all the risen senses
In all the awakened thoughts

In all the expressed longings
In the jolts of thunder
In bolts of lightening

In the sunsets splashing
In the tentative spreads of dawn
In rush of joy holding newborn babies

In the lushness of rainforests
In the Grand Canyons of nature
In the trails taken, longed for

In the hush of soul
In the catch of breath
In liquid pools of canine eyes

In the twinning of minds
In bonding and severance
In yin and yang

In twilight’s possibilities
In velvety dark night
In quiet of early predawn

In slow awakenings of backyard
In hum of traffic in forefront

I see you


2 Comments for: “awareness ii”

  1. Gorgeous! Love this, Bina…<3

    Submitted by phibby venable on April 9th, 2017 4:08 am
  2. thank you very much Phibby ..coming from you means a lot <3

    Submitted by Bina Gupta on April 9th, 2017 8:47 am

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