I see you
In light streaming between fingers
In dancing dust motes
In silver lined clouds
… In joyous heraldic colors
In mousy grey blends
In startling rainbows
In smiles after tears
In mischievous trespasses
In sheepish acquiesces
In sullen cave ins
In open eyed awareness
In meditative moments
In unaware spells
In throes of emotions
In lows of denials
In exhilarations
Under sedation
My palms

Spread eagling
Painfully examine
Color, lines

Heart line has deepened
Beyond recognition
Medically it’s the size of fist

Life line meanders
Steadily towards wrists
Filling with longevity blues

Fickle fortune line
Etches at own will, pace
I’ve made my peace

Whorls on fingers, thumbs
Mounds on finger bases
Their significance- matters not

Given to carrying soul
As water in my palms
My only preoccupation

Spilling has become a matter
Of concern, life and death
I remain centered, connected~
~image is from internet*


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