I see you
In light streaming between fingers
In dancing dust motes
In silver lined clouds …
In joyous heraldic colors
In mousy grey blends
In startling rainbows
In smiles after tears
In mischievous trespasses
In sheepish acquiesces
In sullen cave ins
In open eyed awareness
In meditative moments
In unaware spells
In throes of emotions
In lows of denials
In exhilarations
Under sedation
In grogginess
In coherence
In natural tilts
In musical lilts
In crescendo
In innuendo
In stillness
Of just being
In the one
Universal soul
That is you ~

I see you
In knitted yarns
In textured roughness
In marbled smoothness
In feather touches
In etched sketches
In rocky surfaces
In water ripples
In light puddles
In loomed tapestries
In azure expanses
In fading eyes
In smiling eyes
In beguiles
In innocence
In connivance
In exhalation
In inhalation
In pauses
In fraught edgy moments
In nail biting games
In thrill of winning
In despondent losses
In sports
In cavorts
In waltz whirls
In wallflowers
In debutantes
In dowagers
In artful dodgers
In every happenstance
My sole real
In this world
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