Autumnal Leaf

Walking  On the trails  Of a deep chasm,  Nature made Was often halted  By hushed, “catch-in-throat” moments

Nature  In autumnal shades    Seemed to have come to terms With imminent loss of life and  Graciously shed joyous greens

For meditative myriad shades  Of orange, yellows, ochre, precariously Held by a network of deep umber  Brittle, brown, stark boughs


Visually  Drinking in this “mass” Nirvana by mighty nature And a tiny leaf was wonderful    Lesson,        a case in point~

After birth~ Live, thrive, generously give Share, bounty bestowed by life  And when its time for transition

Quietly prepare to meditate  And     gently     go    into    the   night  Walking on carpets of fallen   “Monk” colored leaves underfoot

A deep blue sky overhead canopied  By crisscrossing yellow embroidered

Leaves, loosely hanging on emaciated   Brown veins, arteries Felt like   Suspension          between life and death

And the beauty of “petit mort”   As death is but a continuuma transitional interim    For leaves will return

With        renewed vigor      Come spring~


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