Autopsy -almost


Postmortem ~ almost

Needy body this morning
Lay spreadeagled in masseuse’
Place of operation
And as the rolls of fat and pressure
Points got ruthlessly kneaded, pressured
I imagined self lying on a coroner’s table~

Aficionado of murder mystery
Whodunits, this was fine way to investigate
Firsthand how it all feel actually~

Every time she deeply pressed her elbow
And thumbs on my poor “asking for trouble”
Pounds, blood pounded in heart, head~

An imaginary scalpel did astound and
Pains and aches dinned a crescendo as I
Hastily descended, rose to sober reality~

It was no fun being a bloodied
“done in” by a dastardly baddy, body! My overly
Imaginative mind is tad strange critter you see ~

*images of cartoons are from google*


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