Imploded house of cards
Scrubbed entered
Grotto of heart

Meticulously with scalpel
Scraped precious lacquer
From tree of life’s bark

Gathered color azure
From grief’s cache
To color sky’s hue

From jealous moments
Squeezed varied greens
Reminiscent of springs

Needled into syringe
Blood from spleen
For soot colored lines

Vein in elbow’s fold
Yielded color red
Memory of love’s roses

Touch of yellow
Gotten from infrequently
Jaundiced eyes

Garnered brown hues
From liquid bile seeped
By gall excited liver

From rosy lips
Stole color pink
For softened looks

Fashioned charcoal
From languishing dreams
Crushed and charred

Primed stretched canvas
Held down by pinned hopes
Began etching bold strokes

Artwork’s skeletal sketch
Thus configured, formed
Emoting gamut of life’s rigors

Readied, fully charged
Mixed colors in palette
Animating life’s canvas

*painting by Chitra Ganesh




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