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arigato ( ????)
pet peeves set aside I daily mouth arigato on tongue as if it were an ice-cube on a hot summer day .. there’s so much to be thankful for…
during various trips I’ve met fellow travelers from Japan and whenever they took my picture at my request I’d mouth “arigato” and their faces would light up
to all my FB friends I now say “arigato” thank you for being a part of my e-life .. bulk of my friends I’ve met personally or have been in touch with for many years

a soft word in Japanese for “thank you”

wish I’d used it when it would’ve meant the most

looking back on lost opportunities and redemptions

my stubborn tearless self fighting against odds

demons in my head- very few real

wish I’d had a better sifter

for a brain

its too late

I know

but still

here is

my heartfelt


you know

who you are

this I know

out of body

or not




image is from internet


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