Antique Dressing Table

Antique Dressing Table

Antique  memories


 Disturbed dust mites


Suddenly wrist flicked

 colored glass shards


Moments  buried

 in innermost caverns

  of heart chambers


floating upwards




diminutive figure

  clad  in flowing


 sari crisp white

edged in scallops

  lacey,   wearing

   two inch

 platform sandals

augmenting vertically

standing in front

of the antique dresser

readying self

to repaint, touchup

yet another welcoming

face for evening dinner

Shiny waist

Length  black hair

contained in tight knot

disallowing nary an errant

lock to escape, all moored

safely, anchored neatly

extending a

compact, long

tapered hand

she rouged  lips slightly

smidgen of color

on cheeks to match

 whiff daub

scent on neck

behind tiny ears

quick dab of powder

on face nose and then

a red dot on forehead


she unscrews

 top of an intricately

carved exquisite silver

 kohl filled bottle

 to line highlight

 dark eyes accentuating

each feature for dinner

ritual over

she puts back all the

things each centered

on an oval handmade lace

doily to preserve polish of

the antique dresser

 part of her dowry

heirloom, tangible

part of her family

history, patrimony

the image in mirror

reflected her visage

diamonds in ears nose

thin gold necklace

studded, understated

bracelets in both hands

and an uncut diamond ring

on ring finger


is ready

armed with new face

to face another

dinner, evening



picture of table from internet

painting is by Raja Ravi Varma


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