Ancient maps/flags

Ancient maps/flags


Swatches, patches
Strains, refrains
Snatches, peals


Shreds, pieces
Ancient maps
Soul compasses


ocean’s murmur
Nature’s twitter
Surfacing old ken


Elusive, unpinned
Tantalizing discomfort
Knowledge within reach


No time for frustration
Beckoning pathways
two pronged veins arteries


déjà vu relics
impinge, tingle
dreams real surreal


realization’s dawn
omnipresence eternal
timeless, infinite


thresholds, windowsills
glass doors, panes, ever
revolving, escalating, lowering


light puddles, tarot plucked
tea leaves in dregs
beg to be read



(*ken: knowledge

often wonder- have 100s of (e)friends, yet only a handful connect deeply-
 the whys and wherefores of it- I question myself all the time- is it a past connection?
 Déjà vu kind?)
**pic from internet



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