Anatomy Of Terror

Some cloak and dagger
Some misguided youth
Purposeless and jobless
Hand to mouth helpless
Grabbing the outstretched
Gloved hand with iron claws
Now trapped into the steel jaws
Of fanatics and purveyors of terror


Brainwashed and conditioned
Cajoled threatened brow beaten
Cave in with meek bleats of protest
Life no longer a long sojourn of jest
Forced to carry explosives and guns
Wreaking havoc on innocent heads
Crossing border for soil and their Allah
Horrifying Him who is the All Merciful


Then there are those powerful and rich ones
Who mete out horrific punishments for fun
Drunk with clout, lucre and high positions
They take terrible revenge and bad decisions 
Inhuman punishments in the name of justice
Making a mockery of law with vile tactics
These too are terrorists in their own right
Monsters beating meek who cannot fight


Monster mother-in-laws and daughters-in-law
Devil husbands n men who disrespect women
Using n abusing for carnal desires n thrashing
Treating them worse than animals abusing
Rapists, child molesters n closet predators
All are terrorists preying on helpless unwary
Like wolves in sheep’s clothing they are scary
Humanity and mercy in their stony hearts nary


The Face Of  Terror can dupe as both friend, or a Foe
Cross border, internal or own kith n kin can also mow
Trust, belief trespassing all sensibilities in a deathblow
One person who does not betray trust and is steadfast
Is Him who sent us here in first place reposing in us faith
It behooves us as well to uphold it and not let HIM down
Keeping our covenant with Him when we often beseech
Promising in exchange for boons HIS faith will not breach


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