an out of body experience


I had right knee replacement surgery on July 14th 2015.

Late Last night i had an out of body experience for real. Jose- was on duty as my nurse and I am on Oxygen due to sleep apnea. Confined to bed for now
I’ve been exercising and talking to my baby Krishna. Suddenly I Stopped breathing completely. My body went limp and i felt myself floating away in a golden beam of light. I saw some steps and I floated toward them. At the top was a man who appeared like a deity in many flowing robes main outer color being red. I strained hard to see his face but could not.
Next I started floating back and re- entered my supine body and came to. Jose was standing there and when I narrated it to him he was really shook up and he said there has never a death due to knee surgery – be careful and do not remove the oxygen tube…WHEW,,. I was quite excited being ready one way or another. Wish I’d seen the face surrounded by a golden light.

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