An Audience

For all creative attempts
we need a captive audience

the world is divided into two
the givers and the receivers

A work of art, like a painting
demands an appreciative collector

a well cooked meal
needs a discerning gourmand

a beautiful blooming flower
needs a flirting butterfly

a well written successful play
needs patrons to beget applause

an accomplished musician
needs true music lovers

an expert dancer
needs a public performance

And finally
budding poets and writers

All need a platform, a launching pad
to blast their written rockets into space

and the fallout of these creative missiles
will hopefully fall on fertile minds

attuned to receive and fully digest
all such enriched missives served out

with a hope and a prayer
that it will be well received

the greatest compliment for a writer
is to be understood completely

Praise is warming and desirable. But it is an earned thing. It has to be deserved,like hug from a child.
-Phyllis McGinly, The Saturday Evening Post


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