In lieu of mental charging
As my usual wont to keep self
Hooked to my beloved
Wearily I take up in prayer
My string of dulled worry beads            foraged from safe-keeping~
With mind aflutter
Only recourse to stabilize
Time’s pulse- as helplessly hands
Wring compulsively,
Frustrated at own impotence
Inability to reach scrawny neck
Of misguided, misbegotten cruelty ~
I look at the crimson sky
Shedding ruby tears
In empathy
Weep me a healing river
I cry, censure, let fall that one
Shower that singles out
Fanatics’ heads lobotomizing
Their skulls to kingdom come
Halting further carnage,
Mayhem in the plotting~

Body rocks
Self autistically
In self preservation
Bird soul leaps out of body
No longer finding it’s sconce

*image is from internet*


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