Aha ! on the lighter side

Effervescence held back
Gait peppy
Stepped out jauntily

Took two steps back
Breath caught midway
Eyes still camera, staccato shooting ~

Nature’s enchanting magic
Laid back old world charm of street
Centuries old brownstone lined, replete

Visualized early morning’s gentle sun
In master chef’s starched hat blow torching
Brownstone eaves, cornices, trees flambé

Filled with joy at being alive another day
I walked with renewed verve towards bread
And butter place to earn my keep

Am inquisitive Barbary pigeon
Salt peppery colored, orange ringed
Beady eyed, orange beaked knocked on glass window

An unharnessed toddler broke free
From gossipy nanny’s grip and tumbled inside
Charming mammon driven harridan office

My wicked humorous insides
Rollicked covertly chortling at this
Cute break in daily tedium routine

A sudden shriek rent the air further
Stirring toxicity of this intense office
A water bug appeared further awakening it!

image is from internet


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