Afternoon Observations

Returning post lunch

Break, espied unusual

Sights in suburbia


Parked at hungry

Municipal meters

Were these cars


One declared, “Eat

Your heart out Emily

I am now a daddy”


Smack behind gloater was this

Declaration on First Responder Van

“We save lives, what do you do?”


I thought what have I saved? Diffidently

Admitted maybe a suicidal lady, countless

Big small crawling flying creatures sundry


Acknowledged failure about weight control

Chiding self thus shuffled past a compact

Black car carrying a black coffin on top


The sequence of sightings was interesting

A birth, a life saver and homemade hearse

Life punctuated from exclamations to full stop


Realizing this to be sum total of our lives, does this

Make me a presumptuous Buddha of suburbia? No

I said to self, have long way to go before I get there


Outwardly I may express extreme joy or grief

Inwardly my emotional waters flow calmly, now

I play destiny’s dealt hand with equanimity


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