A well sculpted face
A magnificent muscular body
A charm magnetic yet deadly
Holding all in a fatal thrall!

He hoodwinks the young
He disarms the not so young
With a fascination that attracts
And repels at the same time

He loves vicariously n moves on
Skillfully playing upon the emotions
His finesse well honed and artful
Leaving his victims bereft and depleted

His evergreen youth and beauty
House a heart made of stone
Where none can make a mark or dent
He remains aloof, unscathed, untouched

His beauty n charm are shallow n skin deep
All his playful antics are mere motions
The genuine spark of love is missing
His love a paper moon, not the real McCoy!

He bears a charmed life charming one and all
Hoodwinking the young and disarming the old
With a fascination that attracts and repels
He leaves behind a trail of broken hearts

As he moves on…
The Adonis remains blithely aloof, unscathed, untouched!
“We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm.”
Winston Churchill


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