Absent. present

Absent, present

As I advance, I retreat, Not by choice

How you may ask?

Well every time  I comb hair  at self glance
I see flecks of departed,  living  kin reflected

Startled, I take two  steps back – still coming
To terms with hurled vinegar bon mot(s)
That still chill, cut to bones now losing density~

For all the Zen, coming to terms
How can I get ready?  when am not ready
To confront this daily shakes upsetting~

Cousins are merely  smudgy carbon copies
But parents and siblings are cut from same bolt
And they jolt flashes as flecks on face, limbs, body~

A tilt,  turn
Lip curl,  half smile,
Cackle, full throated crow
Snorted laughter, gloomy mood
Twinkling eyes

They turn up
In them all
And I bolt
From my

My spirit
Is uniquely
My very own
And am on my way
To make peace with it~

painting is by Pablo Picasso


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