Aborted Crush!!

Love’s first tangle was a brush

Just an itty bitty tender crush

Callow age of mid teens gangly

Churning emotions clothes dangly

Frequent secretive trips to view self

Cauldron of sudden emotional propels

Object of fixation seemed a Demi god

Oblivious nearby neighbor into self bod
Standing at the bus stop often in rain

My crush did give me lifts again n again

It was a mere neighborly act of goodwill

Bro’s best friend he was, stirring heart still

His heart actually belonged to a sexy red siren

A beauty that many coveted as she was foreign

His ignorance of my pain was my life’s bane

His purring love affair I had to simply disdain

Thus my first crush was stillborn and aborted

Rueful heart panged as his Russian bike snorted!!


My first crush was Spock. I thought it didn’t get any better than Spock.
Selma Blair American, Actress


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