Aamchi Mumbai (My Bombay)

Sitting proud
At ocean feet
Wearing scintillating
Necklace twinkling
I am your city
Of woven dreams~
Elastic borders
Constantly giving in
Making room for influx
From every far flung
Town, hamlet, city
Call me not heartless
Concrete, I return what
-ever you yourself
Carry within~
My sky scrapers
Scratch sky’s belly
As struggle for survival
And making it big dream
Dehumanizes beings~

I was humane, genteel
Once, I mirror whatever
You yourself have become
I own your soul as you
Live for number one
I am your aamchi Mumbai
Sitting pretty, a wanton
Nymphet ever titillating~
Mahalaxmi benevolent
Showering gold on those
Who’s eyes glitter greedily
Humanizing those who
Remained true to
Their own selves
Pristine soul
Residing within~
I reflect you
Only- I remain
Impassive, detached
A city with heart
Gone underground
If you have the will
And grit, come
Find me~
I am your alluring
“aamchi” Mumbai
I’ve thrown the gauntlet
You pick the challenge
If you’ve the will to discover
The true me~
I am you, you make me
With whatever you carry
In your heart- you and me
Are not apart~ know this
I am your “aamchi” Mumbai
Look beyond the grime
And degradation and
You will find me ~
you will find me…

image from internet only-disclaimer


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