a river must flow


A river must flow        Take time to mourn…. time to heal

Emotions will can well inwards outwards    Stream…muffled sobs can do riot scream

Then River out     Being seldom feeble …bellicose

Tied to love flowing streams funneling    Pain pangs wracking fears jealousy fangs

Effervescent highs separation lows, feeling bereft     Keening losses of security blanket ties of home

Loss of soul mate being most devastating of all…   Can bring to knees the mighty, sweet Romeo, warring clans

Civilizations spring wildfire at rivers’ banks whose waters   Serenely flow circumventing each every impediment~

A river must flow….cascade… fall….wave… floe, lava       A river must flow….. continue to flow…. life is like that ….

*Image is from internet



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