A Request

Grief stricken selves forced and cajoled
Our weeping hearts became very bold
You are the bridge between two realms
We orphans by old granny were thus told

You are the current between two portals
Connecting departed with living mortals
A go between with gift of crossing over
Kindly convey our letters do not dither

Tell loved ones that have untimely departed
We miss them terribly with eyes ever misted
Sweet mom you will always reign our hearts
Dad we appreciate now your wisdom imparts

Sister dear please forgive past sibling rivalry
I often remember our tug-o-war and revelry
Brother darling I am no longer jealous of you
Please return and I will share toys with you

This is the request from tender hearts broken n shattered
Kindly become letter bearer we beseech you Oh Wizard
Pain of untimely loss of loved ones you see is unbearable
Daily we attempt to realize their dreams for us undeterred

You are the medium
You are the drawbridge
You hold the golden key
To torn apart hearts’s chasms

This is our request of you Oh Medium!!


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