A Prayer

 When I am down and out

Please give me strength to get up

When I am ill in mind and body

Let thy benevolence wash over me

When I am testy and short-tempered

Grant me patience and equanimity

When I am greedy and avaricious

Make me satisfied and content

When I am petty and miserly

Make me generous and giving

When I hoard and amass things

Teach me to share and let go

When I am depressed and sad

Let thy light shine over me

When a helping hand is needed

Teach me to give succor and aid

They say love begets love

I know it is not easy to love

Some are easy to love

Some are easy to hate

So please grant me the will

To love all creatures great or small

Rich or poor, ill or in good health

In all conditions, in all weathers

Let me be surrounded by love!

Courage is fear that has said its prayers.
Maya Angelou
US author & poet (1928 – )


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