A losing battle

Daily I vow to exercise my will over my flesh,
Daily I fail miserably!

They say that you have to engage the mind
To put a thought into action but they are wrong!

I decide to eat frugally yet hunger pangs point my feet
Towards food like a flying missile towards its target!

The mind like a figurehead has no power over me
The belly calls the shots and I home in on food invariably

My will is not made of iron nor is it ramrod
It is more like a jellyfish with no spines of will power at all.

I am a veteran in the realm of New Year resolutions
Which I break constantly at the dictates of a flesh that is weak

Have even vowed before my God, yet caved in without a murmur
Confident of being forgiven for this yet another trespass

How do I get an inflexible strength of will? Can I buy it in the market
Can it be had for a few dollars? I don’t know but I really do need help

I have become my own worst enemy like a self-gorging bovine
And my battle goes on daily….

“Willpower is being able to eat just one salted peanut.”
-Pat Elphinestone


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