A Candle In My Heart

A non-judgmental glance
A spontaneous smile
An apple without blemishes
A pretty smiling face
A carefree playful child
A gossiping grandma
A sunning lazy kitty cat
A dog chasing its tail
A starry moonlit night
A stunning sunset view
A perfect rose in a vase
A beautiful painting
A perfect piece of sculpture
A thrilling mystery novel
A well fitted becoming dress
A comfortable pair of shoes
A purse full of big notes
Completion of daily rituals
A job well done n appreciated

Lastly, a loving heart by my side
All, fill me with joy, lighting
Candles in my singing heart

Happiness lies in wait, it comes upon suddenly, like a midnight thief at a turn up in the street,
or in the midst of a dream, because a ray of light, a strain of music, a face, or a gesture
has overcome the despair of living.
-Hector Bianciotti
Sans la Misericorde du Christ


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  1. Bina, This poem rocks!

    Submitted by steve on November 12th, 2007 10:23 am

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