Shadow of My Past

Elongated shadows does it cast

Recriminations fly hard and fast

Leaving mouth agape, aghast

Be still my heart-head plan fast

 Burning boats, without backward glance

Shaking dust off my past, took a blind chance

Lady luck smiled and I fell on feet to dance

Success, popularity became partners in romance

World was my oyster and in my palm held

One day past sins came knocking and I fled

In consternation I cringed full of dread

Oh God! Please get me out I plead

My nemesis was face to face, no place to hide

Boldly I faced him, ready to tackle and collide

Suddenly my hunter put out his hand to shake

Happily confirming my innocence, guilt a mistake

 Thanking God, I gazed fully at shadow of past

It shortened, moving away no longer vast

Dark clouds dissipated, no more overcast

Sun rose gloriously heralding happy forecast

 Shadow of my past

Now a mere shadow

A memory laid to rest

In field of dreams fallow

(picture from internet-disclaimer)


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