Droplets of water falling on my head

Heavens opening up releasing sans partiality

The ambrosia from above, uniformly!

Parched earth drinking  greedily again n again

While unable to absorb dense concrete pavements

 Dispatch these raindrops unceremoniously

Marching them in the formation of tiny

Rivulets losing their identity

Down the drains.

Where drains have stuffed mouths

There is flooding and sloshing

Meanwhile moving cars  scare up muddy spurts

Spraying on the unwary passersby 

Who disdainfully brush it off

All in a day’s work.

In  gardens and  yards, there is sudden rejuvenation

Feathered twitter,  flowers n leaves all perk up

Blooming gleefully in celebration

Partaking of this manna,  a windfall much welcomed

The frogs as well are all in high gear and

Leap riveting and riveted

Nests are again inhabited by birds who earlier

Were cowering, hiding in deference to the raindrops

Falling on the head

Even the squirrels all hurry off

Hither n thither away from the wet

House pets too slink indoors

Overhead wires and cables

Become stringed pearls

Fit for royalty

Sunlight touches these drops transforming them

 Into balls of fire exuding myriad colors

Pleasing the eye.

Shingled roof tops become wet and shiny

Houses after the wash become squeaky clean

Dust-free and inviting purified air

A gift of the raindrops

Provides a jumpstart to life

And all around there is a quiet sense of happiness.

“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth

without destroying his roots.” -Frank A. Clark  


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