1.18.13 8.14 a.m.

1.18.13 6.14 a.m.

Good Morning !
Primped and primed
They greet perched
Inside squawk boxes

Weather person promises
Chilling start to day, mostly downhill
Sipping scalding coffee
Newsperson affirms in our Big Apple’s
This county there was a kill and another
That way, an accident~ a pileup
On that highway, a hit and run
This way ! Chopper hovering
Giving blow by blow
Every event in the making,
Happening ~

why not give mornings
a leg up boost with some
sinfully dark chocolate, gourmet coffee
… kind of feel good news ?

baby panda born here
mishaps averted there,
miscreants caught, murderous
intents scotched prior
to fruition, terrorists
apprehended, accidents
diverted, babies in subways
delivered safely and life ticking
merrily ~

Scared to power regular channels
Every morning, I pep my spirit
on spiritual chants
uplifting sagging
sleepy spirit !

Top of the morning
To all
Raising my cuppa
Full of bracingly
masala chai 🙂


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