Bone chilling, sitting on hands day        And mind is like a sunken stone      In pool of thought       Even ripples                                      Have   Subsided~

Gifted candle    Mesmerizes the proverbial     Moth to its deadly allure’s     Fiery conclusion     I fail to fizzle out this nature             Encoded fatal attraction~

Glowing wick, however    Rejuvenates my droopy   Inner setting it aglow once more   Taking me away from heavy ponder On time gone by as so much smoke    Through life’s keyhole~

My fortune cookie declares, “Beware of little expenses  Small leaks will sink great ships.” While his advises  “Always do right-this will gratify some, astonish the rest.”   Having finally learnt to love myself, I do indulge  In small “sweet nothings” to buoy spirit- a quick smile,   A cackle of exuberance, and of course dark chocolate

In a vain attempt to remove life “seared brandings” of  Harrowing events during time travel and personal  Spaces,                                    I try to skin graft by replacing the gouges  With “aha” magical moments that transfixed spirit as joy                                                  Coursed through like wet warmth down legs of a child~

We all have a fundamental right  to be inordinately happy and prior to re–accentuating spirit by kohl darkening eyes                   I began by hydration of congealed unshed tears          Unashamedly allowing them to stream down face  Whole body, a spiritual baptismal cleansing~

(still feel goose bumps when I recall my first sighting of Pompeii, Holocaust sites like Auschwitz, Pearl harbor, Gettysburg and other places with searing history -and then my sheer elevation of spirit-soul in places like Bryce, Montserrat Barcelona, lower Himalayas in the holy shrines, that rejuvenating albeit bone chilling dip in the holy river Ganges on full moon day/night @ 4 am in winter and other out of body experiences)



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