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i feel the sturdy pulse
slightly thumping your wrist
as your palm curls inside mine
reassuringly quiet in shared
empathy of my personal grief
of losses
few perhaps
self inflicted
perfectly happy
we carry on life
with my giddy gait
you with your steady
trot supremely fit
confident as payback
of your regimen
for each other
are we..know not
life threw us
together as we both
licked our woes….
lonely and bereft ..yes…
down and out never !

our pact

other’s still say
I continue to be
simple at heart
what they don’t get
is that with You
as my guide what
need do I have
for cleverness
I let heart rule
with surety
in awareness
you’ll keep me safe
as you deem fit
on my part
I shall abide by my
implicit faith in You
until you call me
home and I
call it quits

Royal Flush

fingers of pain
lightly pressure key spots
waking senses
i could bore these points
with mind’s awl but given
current life’s state
I’ll just override
by mindfully
stepping inside serenity’s
Taj Mahal owning
bliss for few minutes
these time bits
I shuffle cards hoping
for a Royal Flush

zen of stilling

I look at my babies and
wonder it an offshoot
of my OCD on punctuality or what..
I pull each out of it’s velvet bed….. Collector eyes
sprinkle powdery love
on each ‘timely’ puff pastry
turn by turn…next I gently
pull out their tiny knobs
folding their uneven hands
in namaste poses ….
then gently I lay them back
in their beds never pushing
back their knobs in place
thus stilling time ….mindfully
refraining battery from running
out of my juice
how cool is that …

missing you

you’ve been gone for years
but my inconsolable
continues to long
for you…
your voice…
your loving
phone calls’ concern
your lively crackling
competitive spirit
I miss your Foodie ways
I revisit our yesteryears
in old Bombay reliving
our glorious one-upmanships
trying to ..outshine
one another in games
or while singing
trying to drown each
other’s voices out
and our ghastly Ouija
board mishaps !
as I play our favorites
on Utube it Cliff Richard
Bobby Darin or Elvis or haunting
old Hindi songs .. and your favorite
My Heart is Beating
from Hindi movie Julie
I remember
our impromptu dancing
cha cha, foxtrot and twist
and my eyes well up
all over again
I miss you so dearest sis
as we were called out as one
Neena same breath..
two peas in same pod ..
Alas! now
cruel fate has
torn us